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– Cheri Essner –

How can Cheri Essner help your Organizational Culture with Change Management Strategies?

We believe that working together and collaboration are the key to successful organizational cultures and environments. Providing employees with the appropriate training empowers them. This gives them the ability to do their job transparently while providing outstanding results, due to the satisfaction they get from being an integral part of the company’s success. It all starts with having teams work together to achieve clearly stated goals, while being honest, fair, and respectful. This results in personal accountability for their responsibilities, and has your teams delivering their results with pride.

How far is Cheri Essner willing to travel?

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The Team

Cheri Essner,
Owner and Lead Trainer

Cheri Essner PMP, MCPM, MCBA is the inspiration for CheriEssner.com with a vision of “Knowledge Offers Renewed Empowerment”. After many years of being part of teams that struggled with personalities and the ability to embrace change. Cheri’s strengths lie in her natural ability to embrace a wide array of people as she honors their differences with ease. Cheri’s gift is helping you discover specific things one does quite well and the insights into challenges. Cheri will help you mix and match your talents, skills, and knowledge with those of others on your team. Cheri’s focus is the process of making “Aha!” moments through discoveries, sharing with others, and applying results.


Christina Todorov, PMP

“You had a great impact on my life. I really, really would like to thank you for the opportunities you gave me, assigning the Symposium to me and the support during the entire project. It meant a lot for me. It gave me a lot of confidence – so important for the carrier development. Thank you for the mentorship as well. It was so much to learn from you: from your passion, dedication and leadership.”

Joe Campa, PMP, PMI-PBA, PMI-RMP, LEED Green Associate

“I worked with Cheri at PMI-DHC and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Cheri possesses the ability to bring our team of 8 directors with various personality traits to function together as one cohesive unit. It is with her ‘collaborative-style’ approach that the board is able to successfully complete all initiatives to bring our 600 members the vision and goals we strive to provide at the chapter level. Cheri has been the leader we have all come to admire. I felt very privileged to find myself working alongside Cheri as she provides us all with the motivation and dedication to move the chapter in a forward direction. The experience and knowledge I have gained working with Cheri, cannot be measured. I compare it to an old marketing commercial. “There are something’s money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard”. Cheri’s leadership and knowledge are things money cannot buy. Those who know Cheri, understand. Those who have not yet had the opportunity to meet her, I encourage you to reach out. Thank you for everything Cheri!”

Murray Shields, Professional Birding and Nature Tour Guide and Tour Manager

“Cheri is a dynamic, inspirational and outstanding in whatever project she tackles.
Cheri provided invaluable advice and insight while helping building Authentic Canadian Tours business plan. She has also been instrumental in the early stages of the business development of Authentic Canadian Tours.
I highly recommend Cheri for any management projects that your company may need to complete in a concise and timely manner.”

Ilan Rose

“While I only reported to Cheri for part of a year, she introduced me to a new aspect of the business and was a great teacher, mentor and very open supervisor. She inspired a strong work ethic and was a pleasure to work for. She is a hard working manager who was never afraid of getting into the trenches with the rest of her team when the time was right. Otherwise she was leading the group to success.
I highly recommend Cheri for your team if you are looking for a hard working, dedicated, manager, or hard working team member at any level.”