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Cheri Essner Book

Be a Courageous Agent for Change: A Leadership Fable

Cheri Essner PMP, MCPM, MCBA is the inspiration for with a vision of “Knowledge Offers Renewed Empowerment”.

After many years of being part of teams that struggled with personalities and the ability to embrace change. Cheri’s strengths lie in her natural ability to embrace a wide array of people as she honors their differences with ease. Cheri’s gift is helping you discover specific things one does quite well and the insights into challenges. Cheri will help you mix and match your talents, skills, and knowledge with those of others on your team.

Cheri’s focus is the process of making “Aha!” moments through discoveries, sharing with others, and applying results.


Liz Stincelli

Founder of Stincelli Advisors

Change is an inevitable part of both our business and professional lives. While change may not be optional, our response to change is. In Be a Courageous Agent for Change, Cheri Essner provides a real-world perspective that demonstrates the role and impact of a successful agent for change. Her concrete strategies for effectively implementing change and her focus on “We” instead if “Me” make Essner’s book a must have addition to every library regardless of your title or position.”

Doug Dickerson

Director, Management Moment Leadership Services

Heraclitus said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” We all know he was right, but navigating the treacherous waters of change can be challenging. How do we make the best of it? What if everyone is not on board with it? How does an organization, much less its employees, manage the inevitable issues that revolve around change and keep its team together?

In “Courageous Agent for Change” Cheri Essner takes you on a page-turning adventure through the elements of change as seen through the eyes of those going through it. Whether you identify with Dorothy, Lee, Philip,or one of the others; Essner brings you into the story with real-life scenarios you can identify with. But more than that, she helps you understand the process of change and provides a blueprint for it. This is a must-read book for everyone before, during, and after a major change process.”

Cynthia Bazin

President of SmartChic

I absolutely love this story that Cheri Essner takes us through in “Courageous Agent for Change”. It’s absolutely a must-read because she brings you through a real-life scenario of ‘change’ in an organization. Additionally, I found myself really identifying with the characters; definitely could see different people I have worked in leadership with have similar personalities to them. This is a great read about change and I believe so many will enjoy this book!”